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Friday, March 30, 2018

Shopping Center Business: Rodeo Drive Retail Property Sells for $110 Million, Double the Purchase Price from 24 Hours Earlier


Shopping Center Business's Kristin Hiller reports:

"Beverly Hills, Calif. — A subsidiary of Paris-based LVMH has purchased a 6,200-square-foot retail building at 456 N. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for $110 million. Just one day earlier, Palm Beach, Fla.-based Sterling Organization purchased the same asset for $55 million from The Karl B. Schurz Trust.

According to a news release, an intermediary had approached LVMH, parent company of Louis Vuitton, to lease space at the property, but the luxury goods conglomerate expressed interest in acquiring the space instead. The sale equates to roughly $17,750 per square foot and a net gain of approximately $55 million for Sterling and its institutional investor partners in its Sterling Value Add Partners II fund."

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